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written by Admin  on May 11th, 2011

300 wide 3652sx shortOnce you get your blog theme set up, don’t waste any time getting it monetized quickly. The sooner you get your blog set up and monetized, the quicker you can start driving traffic.

Ads On Your Blog Are Acceptable

Don’t be afraid of placing ads on your blog. Ads make your blog look more professional and credible. Ads are on almost every single blog you come across.

The more professional your blog pages look, with graphics and the right ads, the more people feel comfortable and want to stay looking around. All of those colorful ad items are stimulating visual eye candy.

Everyone knows that most every blog and web site on the Internet has banner ads and offers items for sale. It’s the way of the Internet. It’s acceptable. If you don’t offer stuff for sale, you are only cheating yourself, and believe it or not, if you don’t offer the opportunities, you are actually cheating other people who might want to get into the blogging business.

Have you ever been to Perez Hilton’s blog? He makes millions of dollars from ads on both sides of his content. He has a lot of traffic from his huge following, and companies pay premium prices for ad space on his blog. When you build enough traffic, you can also charge for ad space on your blog, if that’s something you want to do on down the line.

How To Make Money From Ads On Your Blog

Many of the companies selling products and services on the Internet, offer nicely designed banner ads for you to post on your blog pages, and to make your life simple, many of those banner ads already have your own unique affiliate tracking code embedded in the banner. You can see what those banner ads and affiliate links look like by clicking on the “Affiliates” link at the bottom of any page on theultimateplugin.com or theultimateblogtheme.com.

money for your blog

When someone clicks on your affiliate links or banner ads, on your blog pages, and buys a product or service, you earn a commission. This is partly how blogger’s earn six figure incomes once they start driving traffic to their blog.

That’s basically the process of how you will earn money from your blog.

A Great Blog Theme For Fast Monetization

The Ultimate WordPress Theme is probably one of the best blog themes for allowing you to monetize a blog quickly. It comes with all of the video tutorials to help you get a blog set up and monetized fast.

Most other blogs don’t even come close to giving you as many options for monetizing your blog. You may have already discovered how difficult it is to get a blog theme monetized.

Get The Ultimate WordPress Theme and use the video tutorials on www.blogchise.com to get your theme set up and monetized quickly. You won’t regret investing in this blog theme. You will save weeks of time and energy with The Ultimate WordPress Theme. Plus, it comes with the bonus affiliate program links, so you don’t have to spend days looking for affiliate programs. Another big time saver.

The Ultimate WordPress Theme gives you the options of either using the ad sections or not. That’s one of the nice options built into that theme.

Alright, so you know what to do about monetizing your blog quickly. Don’t waste time fooling around with ads all day long. Get your blog monetized quickly and focus on driving traffic.

If you want to see some examples of blogs that are monetized well, you can surf around in this blog first, and then you can also check out johnchow.com. John earns a half million dollars per year and he’s not shy about telling you that he makes money everywhere on his blog.

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  1. Before I learned Internet Marketing, I hated the ads that were showing up on the sites that I visit. After learning about Internet Marketing, I learned to appreciate them. I learned where to strategically place them on my blog (their size matters, too).

    • Isn’t that funny how we are? I was the same way. I love ads now. I think they make a site look nicer and more colorful. They offer opportunities and help the world to keep spinning.

  2. Very true. I started blogging basically for free with no intention of profit but once I discovered the different possibilities, I just had to give it a chance and man am I glad to do it!

  3. Do people really click on google adsense ads nowadays??… Other ads i agree.. but google ads still work for blogs??

    • If you can get enough traffic, you will get clicks on everything. That’s why it’s important to monetize every corner of your blog. johnchow.com talks a lot about how his ads produce and how he makes money on his blog. Diversification is key and also tracking what works and what doesn’t.

  4. I guess I did everything wrong the first time. Thank you for all the information on this site. Maybe it will take me some time to get started again, but I gained new insights and lots of hope from your site.

  5. It’s so exciting to hear how much money can be made blogging. I am a little confused about the placement of ads and affiliate links. Is every WordPress blog theme optimized for you to be able to set up ads and banners?

    • Just like johnchow.com recommends, I like to make sure every possible link and ad will make my site money. If johnchow.com makes more than $400,000 per year and openly admits that he makes money from every link, I’m following his lead.

      Not every theme is set up properly for monetizing. That’s why I designed The Ultimate Blog Theme. I wasted too much time trying to monetize other themes I paid for and was always unhappy with the results. Why not copy success instead of trying to create something new?

  6. An invaluable insight to all bloggers who have wondered on how to make some money

  7. This is great advice. I have different theme and cant just yet get a this one but I checked out the link and i can tell it will great help!

  8. Ive started diggin into my designs rightaway to try find some space for the affiliate banners and ads… Hope this works…. Fingers crossed…:)

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