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written by Admin  on May 13th, 2011

300 wide 3652sx shortIf you want to make more money blogging, visit all of the high ranking blogs in your niche and start posting comments, intelligent comments, on blog posts.

Think Before Posting Comments

When posting comments, be sure to read the blog post and post a comment that adds to the conversation. Did I mention intelligence when posting comments?

The mistake too many people make when posting comments, is when they jump into another blog, in their niche, and write stupid, short comments that don’t make any sense, and don’t add to the conversation of the blog post. Incredibly dumb and a waste of time.

People do those hit and run posting comments to try and build back links, but they don’t understand the negative impact it has on them. I get those hit and run comments all the time on my blogs and I delete them quickly.

If you work a little at posting comments that really add to the blog post, the owner of that blog will more than likely keep your comment; and your link, directing traffic to YOUR blog, will stick. That means other people will see your great comments and click on your blog link. That means more free traffic to your blog, and you know what more traffic means. More money!

think before posting comments

When posting comments, if you add intelligent comments, other people will also see you as someone to respect, and you will gain more traffic to your blog.

The blog owner will also see you as someone to respect and you will increase your chances of creating a JV (joint venture) partnership. A Joint Venture partnership with a top blogger could be one of the best things to ever happen to your blogging business.

People don’t understand how much they hurt themselves when they post a quick comment that doesn’t make any sense. They waste their time and the comment usually doesn’t stick. If the comment does stick, chances are good that someone else will see it and skip right over anything written.

If you write something stupid when posting comments, people will think you are stupid and they won’t care about your blog or anything you have to offer.

Read The Post Before Posting Comments

Take a few extra minutes to read the blog post before posting comments, and to post an intelligent comment. I know I mentioned intelligence before. The extra few minutes you spend posting comments intelligently could lead to thousands of dollars in revenue.

I also get many visitors on my other blogs who come along and post what they think is an intelligent sounding comment, but you can read right through it and you just know they pasted the same stupid comment on every blog they visit in order to try and gain backlinks. Again, you are only hurting yourself if you are posting comments in this manner just to build back links to your own blog.

Posting Comments For Backlinks

If you spent a load of time posting comments in a quick way just to gain backlinks, almost all of your comments will be deleted. Plus, you will have wasted your time and the bloggers time having to delete your comment.

It’s better to spend a few extra minutes on high ranking blogs and add a solid comment that makes you sound intelligent. You will get 100 percent of those to stick and everyone will be happy.

Want to know how to find high ranking blogs to post comments on? That blog post is coming soon.

Bookmark this blog and come on back for more great tips on how to make money blogging.

Have fun posting comments to build backlinks and be sure to post an intelligent comment below.

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  1. I have seen a lot of people comment on most news – it looked like they just read the headline. Others, I don’t know if they understood what they posted. Funny thing is, other people would reply on a “non-sense” comment, which leads to word wars.

    It doesn’t make any sense.

    • Most people are looking for back links. They don’t understand the extra value of posting an intelligent comment.

  2. This is a good way but not if you exploit it. Your blog can be added to spam list if you start posting its links in every major blog. Used wisely it can be very useful though!

    • Use the SEOQuake tool bar to find high ranking blogs to post comments on. Then, you don’t have to do as much work. Posting on a few high ranking sites is better than posting on hundreds of no ranking blogs. Saves time.

  3. Yes Dave.. Im seeing this effect in my blog stats for the past few days… Posting in good blogs with some good commenting is fetching lots of hits… But how can we know the rank of a page or a blog just by visiting it..?? The method i know is just copy paste the link in the google page ranking page and they will tell the page ranking. But is there any other way???

    • Download SEOQuake plugin and load it on Firefox. http://www.seoquake.com/ Add the tool bar to your browser and you will see all of the stats on every site you visit, including yours. This is one of the best tools I’ve loaded and it’s free.

  4. Really, you guys. Some of us girls are not in this “always” for the money. We just like to browse and to comment because we can’t stand idly by when we have something to say. Period.
    (Think) just learned lately one makes (a lot of) money out of these things.

  5. I was surprised to learn that not many bloggers utilize blog commenting as a way to get traffic back to their site. I have spearheaded many blog commenting campaigns and the results were so amazing that paying for them would have been too costly. Thanks for the post, it shed more light on the importance of blog commenting.

  6. Sounding like an expert is important so that you attract bloggers to your website. However,one should avoid putting their website on comments unless they are pretty sure that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

  7. Hey Dave, very informative post as usual. Apart from SEOquake plugin to know the stats, what would be another way to search for high ranking sites. Will just a google search about high ranking blogs in *** niche suffice? Thanks.

    • I understand Alexa has some kind of tool bar or sorts, but I don’t know much about it. I like to find one thing and stick with it to save time. If it works great for what I need, no use in spending time on anything else.

  8. Hmm.. From what i learned by googling about basic SEO methods commenting of forums and blogs are the most mentioned one.. but few did mention about posting in hig PR sites and relevant posts… New and informative post …

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